The Two Kingdoms

Understanding your role in spiritual warfare
We are at war . . . Scripture teaches that there are two supernatural kingdoms here on earth: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Unless one understands that these two kingdoms exist and are at war with one another, there is no explanation for the chaos and dysfunction in the world around us.

Too many Christians have accepted Satan’s lie that “the world is getting worse by the minute, and all we can do is hold tight to what we’ve got until Christ returns.” Such a worldview paralyzes the church and keeps her from taking up the dynamic weapons of spiritual warfare and victory that God has ordained for her to use. Christians can and must use these spiritual weapons in order to break the strongholds and crush the schemes of the Prince of Darkness who has such a powerful influence in this world.

In this insightful book, the author brings to light the amazing power that Scripture declares is available to every believer who will take his place in the battle. The Two Kingdoms provides rich and uplifting teaching that will galvanize the church for the battle to which God has called her. This book is an enlightening tool for those who are familiar with spiritual warfare and for those who are just coming into a knowledge of the spiritual battle that is going on around them. . . . The church needs to know that the war has already been won

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Christmas in Yesteryear

Christmas in Yesteryear

Getting stranded overnight in the sleepy, snowy town of Silver Pines is not on city girl Lauren Henderson’s holiday wish list. But her brief stay proves serendipitous when she meets an agreeable homesteader named James with sympathetic brown eyes and an unusual perspective on life, along with Mary, a warm, recently widowed innkeeper who challenges Lauren to follow through on some dormant dreams.

But is the town hiding a secret? While Silver Pines and its annual Christmas festival charm and intrigue Lauren, the friendly residents seem tight-lipped and taciturn about something. Juggling job politics and anticipating holiday traditions in the City of Brotherly Love, Lauren nevertheless finds herself drawn back to the rural community of Silver Pines and to its enigmatic residents.

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novella, bavarian alps, romance, sibling rivalry, rejection wound

Scenes from Childhood

Ainslie Fassbinder is a thirty-something teacher whose quiet existence has always been overshadowed by her younger sister Erin. Upon the death of their mother, the contents of the will send ripples into Ainslie’s static life. Reluctantly, she embarks on a journey to Europe, and ultimately, into some truths about herself.

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Leaving the Shallows

Is your life marked by fear or by faith? When we catch a glimpse in our spirits of the mightiness of the God we serve, and when we take His words to heart, doors suddenly open where there seemed only to be walls. The prospect of bad news no longer intimidates us. We eagerly anticipate the days ahead. The mundane in life suddenly becomes an adventure. Best of all, we begin to see ordinary people and common events as glorious. God is able and willing. It is the clouded way that we see Him that is often the real problem.

These 40 meditations include teaching and testimony that will encourage your heart and boost your faith to see His kingdom come in your own life like never before!

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Fat Jeans

What happens when . . . A housewife discovers one morning that she can no longer fit into her “fat jeans”? An alumnus returns to guest-lecture at his college? An aging woman remembers the night of a fatal accident that claimed the life of her best friend? A girl can’t bring herself to stop seeing the “bad boy?” An American returns after many years to Europe for a romantic visit to three castles? A woman hears a startling message and takes it to heart?

Find out in this delightful collection of short stories, which range from allegorical to anecdotal, whimsical to foreboding.

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A Taste of New Wine

Vera lives on a beautiful old farm near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, a successful job and her pursuit of personal harmony are not enough to placate the restlessness that’s been haunting her. Nor can she fully unravel herself from the ramifications of her parents’ divorce that took place over a decade ago.

As she wrestles internally with both conventional culture and a dead-end relationship with her boyfriend, Vera finds herself suddenly enmeshed in the complicated problems of those around her. Following a trip to New York City, a mysterious neighbor moves in and brings the melodrama in Vera’s life to a head. Against a backdrop of pastoral fields and rural idyll, Vera’s search is an intensely personal one for both beauty and truth.

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College Bound

A Pursuit of Freedom
College freshman Molly arrives on campus armed with her convictions and an unorthodox sense of humor. But she is unprepared for the full-scale assault on everything she has held to be true, particularly her faith.

The worldly wisdom of unbelieving friends and agnostic professors, the pressure to conform to the godless culture surrounding her, and the freedom from the boundaries of home prove to be formidable giants. Molly’s understanding of true liberty is blurred and then brought into focus as what she has been taught is tested against what the world has to offer.

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Church Bound

A Bride in Fake Diamonds
Following a time of prodigal wandering, twenty-year-old Molly returns with a consuming hunger for the things of God. With this passion comes revelation, and she is startled by the sharp disconnect between the Jesus she encounters in the gospels and the one she has grown up learning about on Sunday mornings. Through a series of events, Molly begins to realize that she has been as naïve about the church as she had previously been about the secular world.

Meanwhile, adventure and romance are waiting for her in Europe as she leaves to spend her junior year of college abroad. But Molly will need more than just her unorthodox sense of humor to navigate the nuances of another culture. And a misunderstanding threatens to end her growing romance with a high school friend. Amid the castles and cobblestones of Germany, can her newfound faith withstand the testing that also awaits?

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Thirty-one Thoughts on Prophecy

CoverGod is still speaking. He has specific thoughts about you and your circumstances. Prophecy, the speaking forth of God’s thoughts, is a gift that is being restored to the church after much misunderstanding, misuse, and neglect. Discover how this precious gift is to be used to strengthen the church, and how it may be applied in your own life.

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