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July 15, 2024
God establishes nations and their boundaries

God establishes nations and their borders

Western nations are hardly the only ones under assault. “The UN has much power on the African continent because of pulling the purse strings. With shekels come shackles.” So stated Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African University in Zambia, in an interview with Beckett Cook. “And so the UN is doing everything it can to leverage its influence on the African continent.”
March 28, 2024
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How praying in the Spirit changed a tense situation

Please pray!" came the quick whisper through the phone. "Pray in the Spirit, would you? And I'll be praying here." A friend of mine is staff for a political representative. I was just wrapping up morning devotions with my children when she called to tell me that the meet-and-greet the rep was hosting had been overwhelmed by constituents from the opposing party, and that they'd come loaded for bear.
February 10, 2024

The frightening truth about failing to pray

"Inattention to prayer actually gives place to the devil to advance his cause and evil." -Todd Smith, Unless We Pray An incident happened a couple years ago of which I only grasped its implications this week. It was July 2021. I had gone to a Wednesday night prayer meeting. There were only a few of us gathered, although our pastor was often reminding us as a congregation not to fall into "vacation mode" and lose spiritual focus, just because it was summer.