April 21, 2017
keys to the kingdom, intercession

The Keys of the Kingdom

Not long ago I was finishing my devotions, and I sensed the Lord urging me back for a moment. I sat down and told Him I was listening, and then […]
September 20, 2015
names of God, nature of God,

Christ’s Government on Earth – What’s in a Name?

In my last post, we highlighted a scriptural pattern in which God changed a person’s name when He came into covenant with him or her. Examples of this were Abram […]
July 20, 2015
covenant, agreement, pledge, Holy Spirit sealed, Spirit as a pledge, covenanted people, a better covenant

Christ’s Government On Earth: The Wonder of Covenant

“I wish Christians in the West understood their position better – who they are in Christ,” a brother from India responded when I asked him what was the greatest difference […]
May 12, 2015
thanksgiving, ten lepers, Give thanks in all circumstances, Luke 17

The Cure for the Blues and Bad News

“While He was on the way to Jerusalem, He was passing between Samaria and Galilee.  As He entered a village, ten leprous men who stood at a distance met Him; and they raised their voices, saying, […]
November 24, 2014

“He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me”

In the midst of troubling times and circumstances, the Lord has a very useful tool to bring peace to us: give thanks. Counting our blessings and focusing on all the […]
November 27, 2013

Give thanks in all circumstances

Whenever my four year-old prays, she always formats her prayers the same way – she thanks God, even if it is a request. For example, if I suggest we pray […]
June 23, 2013

The Antidote to Depravity

The first chapter of Romans states that one of the causes of sexual perversion begins with the failure to be grateful to God. “For even though they knew God, they […]
March 20, 2013

Don’t complain

It has been said that grumbling and complaining is the worship of hell. Complaining magnifies a spirit of ingratitude, division, and discord, and brings about an atmosphere of negativity and […]