July 15, 2024
God establishes nations and their boundaries

God establishes nations and their borders

Western nations are hardly the only ones under assault. “The UN has much power on the African continent because of pulling the purse strings. With shekels come shackles.” So stated Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African University in Zambia, in an interview with Beckett Cook. “And so the UN is doing everything it can to leverage its influence on the African continent.”
February 19, 2024
foundations destroyed, what shall righteous do

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Few may argue the West's destructive course, but what does the final outworking of a disintegrated culture look like? Can even widespread revival pull a culture back from the precipice? As a Christian, I see the world simultaneously through two lenses. The one is observing the horrors of life in post-modern America, with its fearful velocity in recent years of lawlessness - infanticide, polygamy, pedophilia, trafficking, misogyny, suicide, crime, institutional corruption, and child mutilation; at the same time, I'm scrutinizing these trends against the backdrop of history, from ancient to present, and the fate of parallel civilizations. The other lens sees the influence of the praying church on history, from Peter's supernatural deliverance from Herod's imprisonment, all the way up to the fall of the Soviet Union and pivotal World War Two victories such as Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. The latter lens keeps me from despair. The former begs the question, "At what cost will we see Divine Liberation?"
June 11, 2023
Pharisees, Lawlessness, Trial of Jesus

Was legalism really the sin of the Pharisees? 

In my previous post, I listed 23 characteristics of the Pharisees spelled out in the Gospels. Their true nature, collectively, was manipulative, vicious, authoritarian, and outright murderous. Jesus called them “children of [their] father, the devil.” For this reason, we should exercise caution before labeling fellow believers who disagree with our position, “Pharisees.” For while there are preachers and teachers with whom we would disagree, even strongly on particulars
December 12, 2022
He lives that death my die

A curious quickening and the freedom in dying

The Lord is infinitely good beyond the scope of our comprehension, even when the whole world is falling apart.  The grief and loss, if given to Him, He will not only share in with us, but He can redeem it to instigate in us a fire to see His word accomplish its purposes in tangible and expedient ways.